Day Three: International Nature Journal Week

Metamorphosis and Transformation

I was remembering a line from Jim Crumley’s book, ‘Hare’, how he wrote about watching a hare, and if someone that had never seen a hare would be confused as to what they wee looking at. ‘The hare is a shapeshifter. If it is lying down with its ears flattened along its spine, it can look like nothing at all. The hare knows this and is accomplished at not being seen.

The anything-at-all trembled. The shape shifted. It became taller, developed ears, extraordinary brown and white and grey and black ears, that flicked upright and scanned the wood and turned into the wind.

Much the same can be said about my pet rabbit Blinkyn. The way he hunkers down resembles a rock or at night could be mistook for a bump in the rug. His ears and tail for that matter appear to be hinged to his body and move up and down so easily.

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