Day Two: International Nature Journal Week

International Nature Journal Week

Today’s topic is ‘Growth and Development

I thought long an hard what to illustrate today’s topic. Its the start of winter here and not much is growing, apart from some tiny weeds and bulbs…kind or reluctant to pull up a bulb, because they don’t like being disturbed at this stage. So… idea that came to mind, and it’s one that I had wanted to illustrate for a long time was, the tiny European Gold Finch who came to stay with us for several months. I had taken quite a few photos and I was always amazed to seeing this tiny scruff of a bird develop into a fine young fellow.

From only a few days old, this little chap was so trusting of us was so keen to survive. His nest was blown out of the almond tree in Pontville and, although he was able to fly short distances his wings hadn’t develop enough for him to fly high or any further than a meter or two.

From a vet we purchased a box of Insectivore, which we fen him several times a day.

It was so interesting to watch how the markings on his face and wings changed colour and shape. I wondered if the feathers that started to protrude on his body was was itchy, it certainly looked uncomfortable.

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