Day Four: International Nature Journal Week.

Reproduction and Replication

In nature reproduction and replication is a daily occurrence, particularly in the garden. Bulbs forming both seeds and offsets, rhizomes spreading through the garden competing with other plants. Unintentional pruning of some hardwood and soft wood cuttings left on the ground start to form roots and grow into new plants. I’ve watched the pussy willow trees behind our house fall and the branches grow upright forming new trees, forever making their way through the forest!

In my journal I sketched a Japanese windflower that I have had to severely thin out as it was taking over and smothering my smaller ground cover plants. Their very clever woody rhizomes spread quickly, even just a small piece left on the ground will root and sprout into a new plant. Lovely flower, bright candy pink, and I like painting them but not in my small garden…perhaps in a pot!

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