Milo, Calico Cat


Milo is a salty seafaring cat…he dreams of solo voyages around the world. He has read many books by famous yachtsmen…Joshua Slocum and Eric Hiscock.
Milo wears a trendy pair of corduroy turquoise britches with three vintage odd white buttons. Around his neck, he wears a wool felt orange scarf.
Milo is made from quality calico that has been distressed with paint, tea, and coffee to give him a vintage and aged appearance. Milo’s body parts are all first machine sewn, stuffed, and then hand sewn together.

Milo’s face is hand embroidered. His eyes are made from two small black buttons.
Milo measures 9 inches from head to toe and 7 inches from arm to arm.
His tail is 3.5 inches long.

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