Bubbles, a very odd elephant


Good morning, Bubbles!

Bubbles is an original one-of-a-kind Grace H Garton design. She is part of a series called Very Odd Elephants.

Bunbles is made from and stuffed with sustainable fabrics such as calico and recycled scraps saved from my other cloth doll enterprises.

Bubbles is made new, she has been washed and then grunged with coffee.

Bubbles 28 cm (11 inches), high from her toes to the top of her head.

Some buttons are new, and some are vintage. I use an old Janome to extreme stitch his details, and some stitching is done by hand.
Bubbles is not a toy because of his handmade qualities but would like a hug from time to time.

When you purchase one of my dolls, they come with a tag that has been signed by me, dated and numbered.

Bubbles would make an excellent addition to those that collect primitive-style dolls and to the young at heart.


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