Kiddo, Calico Cat


Meet Kiddo, another salty seafaring cat I made for an exhibition about seafaring cats. Kiddo was a stowaway on board the airship, America. He was the first cat to navigate the Atlantic.

Kiddo did not take to flying well, however as the airship touched the water, Kiddo felt at home and could relax.
Kiddo wears a trendy pair of tartan britches with three vintage clear yellow buttons. Around his neck, he wears a wool felt rusty red scarf.

Kiddo is made from quality calico that has been painted orange and cream.
Kiddo’s body parts are all first machine sewn, stuffed, and then hand sewn together.
Kiddo’s face is hand embroidered. His eyes are made from two small, beautiful green vintage buttons.

Kiddo measures 9 inches from head to toe and 7 inches from arm to arm.
His tail is 3.5 inches long.

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