Summer Harvest 2022

What an amazing summer harvest we had this summer. From pumpkins to tomatoes, chilies and zucchinis!

The seeds from these Mumma Mia Tomatoes were 7 years old, amazingly viable and true to how I remember them when we grew them in Lenah Valley and Pontville. These are the best saucing tomatoes ever! They came into our possession through a Sicilian friend.

Potimarron pumpkin, a rare French gem! Delicious roasting pumpkin with a nutty flavor.

A real surprise was the Gooseberry, the flavor can only be described as an exquisite passion-fruit! This plant was very vigorous, I will either need to re-locate this one or grow dwarf varieties next season.

A bounty of zucchini flowers could only mean one thing…stuffed zucchini flowers…the taste of summer!

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