Spring Garden 2022

Waiting, waiting for my transferred bulbs and plants to pop up has been a test of patience and impending joy!

It has been along time coming to have my plants growing in their forever home, fingers and toes crossed. I have moved some of these plants and bulbs from place to place for close to 15 years!

While it is still early days with the design of the garden, its a good feeling, seeing what the plants that where here are doing an noting what changes to make in the future.

The neighbors huge rhododendrons make a dramatic display in the backyard. My bonsai bay tree has moved house with me since 2003!

I do love to mix up my flower beds with edibles. Kale, iris and daffodils enjoy each others company.

The yellow rose is a definite keeper! It;s almost the same colour as the our house!

A colourful mix of rhododendrons frame our view of Mount Murchison. Sadly these will probably go as they are next door and the owner wants to build four small units.

But, in the meantime I can enjoy their beautifulness!

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