A new line of Quolls will be coming soon to my NEW online shop.

Want to know more about the making of my quolls, please read on.

I made a pattern! As most of my dolls I make are anthropomorphic, I only need to concentrate on designing a new head and other features like the ear and tails.

Once the patterns are constructed and all the pieces are sewn and stuffed, I can begin to paint them. Quolls are fun to paint they are a mass of tiny circles!

My favorite part, applying red cheeks with my finger tips.

As soon as the mouth is stitched on, the little quolls character starts to appear.

A pair of Mary Jane’s are painted over a pair of red and white striped socks.

Eyes are made by placing two contrasting coloured buttons, one smaller and one bigger, on top of one another.

So, who wants to wear a dress and who wants pants? They are very choosy when it comes to accessories, scarves, buttons and pins all have to be determined to fit the personality of the individual!

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