Abutilon – x hybridum

This plant has many, many names, the most common being, Chinese Lantern.

I have two varieties growing in my garden; each were grown from a cutting. One is a buttery yellow and the other is a salmon pinky orange!

The pinky orange Abutilon is growing in the front garden at the corner of the house. Unfortunately I let a cape gooseberry grow and the weight bowed the young trunk. I’ve since staked the plant in the hope to straighten the trunk. I don’t think it will be perfect, but it’s better than it was.

The yellow Abutilon is growing in my flower garden, a few meters away from my studio window.


Best grown in full sun or part shade.

Fertilize once a month, tip prune to encourage a bushier growth. Prune in winter. Abutilons can be pruned back hard in April to May, cutting stem to three buds from the ground. This makes a bushier growth.

Cuttings are easy to propagate, which I have done and can be planted in pots!

Companion plants for Abutilons are, Heuchera and Fuschia.