Grace Garton

Mixed medium on canvas

These small works measure 10 x 10 x 4 cm
I like working at this scale as it gives me a chance to experiment with themes, textures and colour and compisition that I may use for works at a larger size.
It's also fun to see how much I can create a sense of depth and movement in such a small space before they become too clostrophobic.
The sides are 4 cm deep and also provide me with room to capture things that are just around the corner, further ehancing the viewers expriance.
If you would like to see my previous work, please view here.

Mixed medium on wood

Painting on wood is completely different than painting on canvas.
The wood has a grain to it that I like and I never prime the surface before applying mediums or paint. I ike the wood to show through. The colour of the wood also adds to the look and feel of the work
It also allows me to work back into the wood, either with a chisel or with a wood burning tool