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Looking back

It takes me a few weeks after an exhibition to get back on track. After months of working on one or two themes, I find it hard to let go and move on to something new.

I question myself continually, what's next, where will my next inspiration come from?

One thing I have been looking at closely is my re-occurring symbols, what are the marks and colours I use often.

In May...

Florilgium exhibition

Brilliant news! Woman Wearing a Yellow Jumper will soon be on her way to Western Australia, thank you so much for the purchase, I really wasn't sure how she was going to be received, I liked her but that doesn't always mean others will.

I'm really keen to make a few more curvey ladies, but perhaps not as big!

Because there was going to be a blank space where my lady was, with the agreement of Salamanca Art Centre I swapped it over with a work from 2017-2019, It's Always Tea Time.

During April...


I'm really enjoying this process of mono-printing onto deli paper and making collage pieces to layer onto my prints.

Cutting out stencils, collaging, and embellishing with paint markers and other fun mediums suit me well with my style and approach to making art.


FLORILEGIUM exhibition

Very excited to announce the 'Florilegium' exhibition is now on at The Studio Gallery, top floor of Salamanca Art's Centre.

The exhibition opens from 1st of May to the 27th of June, 2021. More information can be found on the Salamanca Arts Centre, website

This is an annual exhibition to showcase the works by current and past SAC Resident Visual Artist. Works range from photograph to painting to collage; jewellery to small sculptural ceramic; figurative to abstract; gathered from Artists in Willis, Stanmore, and Morrison Studios.

I have two large works on exhibit, they are acrylic painted, soft fabric sculptures and mounted onto the wall.
These two are the largest soft sculptures I have made. They are constructed out of calico and have internal rods and hard substrates to give the form support.

Woman Wearing A Hat

Soft sculpure

Woman Wearing A Yellow Jumper


geli press

and deli paper!

On my studio table today...trying out something new...mono printing, collaging, stenciling and...I think I will leave the ingredients at that, otherwise, I will be here all day!
I'll just say it was messy and good fun!
The Geli press is made of clear silicone and is very flexible. Paint can be applied directly onto the press and then using a brayer, you roll the paint out with a brayer or place the paper directly onto the geli press, and gently smooth out the paper with the palm of your hand.
Peel the paper back to see the results.
I made a stencil from copy paper, I wouldn't recommend using anything else as the geli press is very soft, anything heavier may cause the paper to cut the silicone. I know because I did the very first time!
Instead of using the cheap copy paper, I used tracing paper and just the slightest pressure causes the edges of the paper to cut into the silicone.

A little while ago...

Under The Pear Tree exhibition wips

Here are a few of my works in progress from the 2019 solo exhibition at the Side Space Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. The theme related to my childhood, time spent reading stories under the old pear tree in my backyard.

I read a lot of children's literature from all over the world, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland to Aesops Fables. Grimms Brother's fairytales and Rudyard Kipling.

For some of the works in the exhibition, I made a series of soft sculptures to portray the characters from the stories. In a way I hope that the "dolls" will connect the viewer to their childhood, rekindling memories of their dolls and the world of make-believe.

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