Boxers Boxing In Box's Wearing Boxer Shorts

sweaty and hairy gentleman
Larger than life, hairy and sweaty men in tights, Mario Milano, Killer Karl Kox and King Curtis were
household names, loved and watched by thousands across the suburbs of Australia during the ’60s and
70’s. At our home in the western suburbs of Sydney, it was no different, my brothers and I would watch the
wrestling with our dad every Sunday morning while mum prepared the Sunday roast.
Wrestlers of the 1970s were predominantly migrant men imported to establish and promote Australian wrestling.
Along with the inventive stage, names came extravagant personalities and colourful dialogue and the
flamboyant choreographed fighting was as creative as the titles given to particular holds and moves and
contributed to the carnival, sideshow atmosphere of wrestling.
My dolls are made from fabric, they have been stitched and stuffed, hand-painted and placed into the display boxes.

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