Not All Roses And Berries – my garden in Rosebery

Welcome to my garden! I’ve started writing about my garden as a way for me to keep a record of my plants and how the garden will progress over the seasons and years. I have always been a keen gardener ever since I can remember; it is the same with cooking and art. These are the three things in life that I can not do without, and it’s hereditary!

A while back, I had my own small business as a gardener and landscape designer in Hobart. My head was filled with plant names and I was an obsessive reader of garden books, going to nurseries and propagating plants. Over time, I forgot many plant names…so to refresh my memory I am writing it all down here.

I am including a notes about each species, including pruning and other tips.

I may even start a nature journal!

Links to favorite places

Diggers, cool climate tips