Daily creative pursuits

Inky Black Chooks & Roosters

Another day spent sketching my chooks and roosters. Very interesting challenge to capture their personalities in silhouette.

My beautiful black pen ran out of ink today..time to head into the city for some supplies!


Sales Banner

Spending this morning making a little "sales promotional" banner for my Little Black Crow etsy shop.

The process was first developing the hierarchy and text, sketching some designs, scanning to black and white then printing a blue

print of the cleaned up sketches I thought had the most possibilities. These were then inked and re-scanned


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Tv Doodles

Because I’m often doing my hand lettering at the end of the day, after dinner and when all have gone to bed, Pig, bunny, chickens, roosters and the cat. I can sit back in red comfy chair with a little light just bright enough for my sketch pad and myself, TV quietly playing an old movie or documentary. Sometimes when I look up to the screen I see a face, beautifully lite with a expression or posture that I find so appealing I must sketch it down quickly. Here are a few examples...

Journey Into A Mixed Media Painting



Cyclosa Design By Nature / Sarah Schmidt

Maddy Rayward / Designer/writer/maker

Janelle Walker / Designer/photographer



 self portrait







Grace Garton is an artist based in Hobart, Tasmania.

After graduating in bachelor of visual arts at City Art Institute, Sydney in 1985, she took up as an assistant animator at Hana Barbera in Sydney. Between 1987 and 2016 Grace has worked for many animation studios around Australia and worked as a freelance illustrator for studios and individuals overseas.

Since 2006 Grace started her own small business making and selling her art and dolls and exhibiting her paintings and fabric sculptures. Her work has sold all over the world and has been published in several magazines.

Grace is currently a resident artist at Salamanca Art's Centre, she teaches art  and watercolour classes to children and adults at Nolan School of Art.

Her work can be found at the Nolan Gallery and Despard Gallery.

Contact: grace.h.garton@gmail.com


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 August, Lightbox Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, Miss Garton's Home For Whimsical Dolls

2018 October, Lightbox Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, Wrestlers Wrestling In Boxes

2018 August, Studio Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, A Tale Or Two From Pontville

2012 April, Rebecca Roth, SalamancaArt's Centre, ‘Boys Own’ series

2011, September, Rebecca Roth, Salamanca Art's Centre, ‘Childhood Memories’ series

2011 June. Rebecca Roth, Salamanca Art's Centre, ‘Enchanted Forest Series’

1998 Corner Hotel, Melbourne, paper collage


Selected Exhibitions

2019: June, Nolan Art Gallery, Don't Blink

2018 Nolan Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, Nectar

2018 Studio Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, 40 x 40 Exhibition

2012 Catz Pyjamas Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

2012 Feather Your Nest Exhibition, Gleaners Inc, Brunswick, Melbourne

2011 Winter Brooch Exhibition, Salamanca, Hobart, Rebecca Roth

2010 Rainy Days exhibition, Cube art & Design, Tasmania

2010 Dragonfly gallery, Hurstbridge, Victoria

2010 SJS Gallery, Melbourne

2008 Sojna Gallery, Tasmania

2001 Customs House Gallery, Melbourne

1992 Flora and Fauna Art Exhibition, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

1992 Bett Gallery, Tasmanian Naive Art Exhibition, Hobart

1981 Fishers Ghost Exhibition, Sydney

1991 Battery Point Art Gallery, Tasmania


Private collections, Australia, United Kingdom, Wales, Spain, France, USA, Netherlands