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Wrestlers Exhibition

WRESTLERS WRESTLING IN BOXES exhibition Larger than life, hairy and sweaty men in tights, Mario Milano, Killer Karl Kox and King Curtis were household names, loved and watched by thousands across the suburbs of Australia during
the 60s and 70s.
At our home in the western suburbs of Sydney it was no different.
My brothers and I would watch the wrestling with our dad every Sunday morning while our mum prepared the Sunday roast.
Wrestlers of the 1970s were predominantly  migrant men imported to establish and promote Australian wrestling.
Along with the inventive stage names came extravagant personalities and colourful dialogue.
The flamboyant choreographed fighting was as creative as the titles given to particular holds and moves.
My dolls are fabric, stitched, stuffed, hand painted and boxed.

Their shapes are stylized action figures capturing the theatrics of wrestling  and painted in a manner of vintage sideshow posters.

If you wish to purchase one of these fine fellows a catalog with price list can be found HERE


Exhibition works in progress

For a long time now I've been wanting to make hand painted fabric soft sculptures, so when the oppurtunity arose to join with fellow visual artists for a group exhibition at #Rosny Barn. The title "Follow Your Shadow" was the perfect theme for a series of work I started some years back and to create a few new pieces.


 Fabric toadstools in progress

 Little Red Cap

Bear in progress








Character Lighting final

colour version

Overall pretty happy with the final illustration, I loved using the texture brushes..defiantly will need to be doing this more.


Character lighting

Working on my lighting...not as easy as I thought it was going to be..great exercise to understand the contours of your characters face and body. I have dabbled a bit in 3D animation which I think helps a bit ..think I need to loosen up more..the last two were finished in less time than the first two and I like them better..I'll keep going...


Character Design

So I've been immersing myself in character design.

I've had this little girl character in my head and on paper over so many years.

Recently I've been looking at the beautiful concept art of Elena and Olivia, they are sisters, twins to be precise and are production designers at Dreamworks. Inspired by their digital art I downloaded some brushes and played around with some expressions and new look for my character..HELGA, a big name for a pint sized 8 year old.

Early stay tuned!


rough character design sketches








Cyclosa Design By Nature / Sarah Schmidt

Maddy Rayward / Designer/writer/maker

Janelle Walker / Designer/photographer










Grace Garton is a free-lance designer and artist based in Hobart, Tasmania.

After graduating in bachelor of visual arts at City Art Institute, Sydney in 1985, she took up as an assistant animator at Hana Barbera in Sydney. Between 1987 and 2016 Grace has worked for many animation studios around Australia and worked as a freelance illustrator for studios and individuals overseas.

In 2006 Grace started her own small business making and selling her art and dolls. Her work has sold all over the world and has been published in several magazines.

Working in the animation I had many occasions to help with designing websites, marketing collateral and character and background design and in 2013 to 2015 Chose to study graphic design at Tafe and completed certificate III, IV and Diploma in pre-press print and design.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 August, Studio Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, A Tale Or Two From Pontville

2012 April, Rebecca Roth, SalamancaArt's Centre, ‘Boys Own’ series

2011, September, Rebecca Roth, Salamanca Art's Centre, ‘Childhood Memories’ series

2011 June. Rebecca Roth, Salamanca Art's Centre, ‘Enchanted Forest Series’

1998 Corner Hotel, Melbourne, paper collage


Selected Exhibitions

2018 Studio Gallery, Salamanca Art's Centre, 40 x 40 Exhibition

2012 Catz Pyjamas Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

2012 Feather Your Nest Exhibition, Gleaners Inc, Brunswick, Melbourne

2011 Winter Brooch Exhibition, Salamanca, Hobart, Rebecca Roth

2010 Rainy Days exhibition, Cube art & Design, Tasmania

2010 Dragonfly gallery, Hurstbridge, Victoria

2010 SJS Gallery, Melbourne

2008 Sojna Gallery, Tasmania

2001 Customs House Gallery, Melbourne

1992 Flora and Fauna Art Exhibition, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

1992 Bett Gallery, Tasmanian Naive Art Exhibition, Hobart

1981 Fishers Ghost Exhibition, Sydney

1991 Battery Point Art Gallery, Tasmania


Private collections, Australia, United Kingdom, Wales, Spain, France, USA, Netherlands