Making Art Dolls

I am filling my world with all the lovely things I hold dear to my heart. The first dolls I made was when I went to art school, a series of flying mermaids and angels, and one with several little women seated together on a chair. I wish I still had these or some recording of them but they were all stolen not long after they had been displayed. This disappointment stopped me from making fabric dolls for years.


My ideas start out as doodles. Quick sketches and sometimes a mindless scribble will conjure up an image. I can see a character emerge, some little being.

Something I have been doing more and more of recently is looking back at these doodles and using them ar the template..keeping to the original line drawing as possible.

My poor sewing machine, this one is over 100 years old. It has been converted to electricity.

The first sewing machine I ever used was a Singer treadle machine. I do have three other machines, but none are modern, the most recent is a 1970's Pfaff!

All need to be repaired.

After sewing comes the stuffing.

For my small works, I use either lambswool or fibre fill.

The large art dolls I use my fabric offcuts.