Here are some photos of the dolls clothes I've been making. The dresses are adapted from a Threadbare pattern. I cut to just under the sleeve area and then sew a pleated skirt made from the same fabric as the bodice. Only the bottom part of the skirt is hemmed. Only the bottom part of the skirt is hemmed. I was worried about the fabric fraying too much around the sleeve and neck opening so I blanket stitched around the areas with pearl thread.
As for the pantaloons, don't you just love that word? I adapted the pattern from a much smaller doll, as my girls are a little chubby. Very happy with how these turned out. I loved the white crispness of the fabric especially after spray starching and ironing them.
 I attached little vintage buttons directly onto the dolls' bodies, so they will never lose their pantaloons. One at the back and two at the front.

I love collecting sewing paraphernalia, particularly vintage buttons, thimbles and sock mushrooms.
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