Having fun with colour

I have been having a bit of fun these last few days..just to spring start my September!
I love a good art challenge and when I heard about a limited colour palette art prompt on Instagram, I was really excited especially because the arduous task of deciding what colour combinations to use, was going to be decided in advance. Brilliant!

Coloricombo is hosted by @estemacleod @lorisiebert.studio @snippetsofwhimsy, I admire their work their generosity in teaching others.
The joy of creating is endless, a blank piece of paper is an exciting journey, like Alice stepping into the looking glass.
One mark can suggest so much, a simple shape emerges and changes into an animal or a flower, and from there a landscape appears or a pattern, or an imaginary field of wildflowers and birds. You made something new, it was never in the world before..and here it is in front of you, ready to be shared and to inspire others, around the world!
Like stepping stones, every new idea leads into another, the more you work the more ideas and stories form. Sometimes it is easy, other times it is a continuous exploration, re-working, scrapping off, starting again.

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