Making Alice

Here are a few of my works in progress from Under The Pear Tree 2019 solo exhibition at the Side Space Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. The theme related to my childhood, time spent reading stories under the old pear tree in my backyard.

I read a lot of children's literature from all over the world, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland to Aesops Fables. Grimms Brother's fairytales and Rudyard Kipling.

For some of the works in the exhibition, I made a series of soft sculptures to portray the characters from the stories. In a way, I hope that the "dolls" will connect the viewer to their childhood, rekindling memories of their dolls and the world of make-believe.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, I think is one of the most amazing stories ever written. It has inspired artists of all genres, from Salvador Dali to Jan Svankmejer.

It certainly resonates with me and my inner child.

From the moment I read, that Alice thought she might have fallen through the earth and landed in Australia...I was a little obsessed by the idea of Alice down under...and what would my world look like to her.

A world full of all my favourite things in one place, tastes, curiosities, talking animals, and plants.

Light Reading

Light Reading

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