My Earliest Memories of Art

It is such a cold night and my hands are freezing! But I wanted to write something down about my earliest recollection of art and my family

As far back as I can remember there was always art in our household. My grand mother's paintings and embroidary was everwhere, she even drew and painted on the walls of her home. She also wrote fictious stories in her diaries. She also wanted to be a cartoonist, she drew on large sheets of cardboard comic strips about a office secetary and her boss. My most vivid recalection of her is her sitting at a small table in the large kitchen, painting a rooster on an Easter egg.

She had her paintied mostly landscapes and portraits. Some were copies some were her own work. Her largest painting was a mural on plaster, of Parramatta River.

But the most memorable painting was ine she painted in blue was of sputnik, with portraits of my Aunty, my sister and older brother.

My mother, sister, and older brother all painted. My father was trained as a professional pastry maker and in his youth sang and performed.

My father loved cartoons, and to entrtain us we would watch him draw cartoon characters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

My Grandmother, Helena Ustamenko, age 16
Sputnik 1957
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