Fun Commissions!

Over the last few weeks, I was asked to paint two small commission paintings with an Alice In Wonderland theme.

I have had many great experiences with making commission work and this latest one was no exception, it was a joy to re-visit my little Alice muse, the white rabbit, cups and teapots and Cheshire cat.

Every commission will always involve the client, right from the start I like to find out the size and theme.

I will send examples of previous work just in case the client is unfamiliar with my work.

After an agreed price, the work begins.

At the start the client is shown sketches, from there we can discuss changes in composition, characters, poses, colours, add or remove stuff.

Our correspondence then involves emails with progress shots of the work. A final email is sent to let the client know the work is completed and ready for pickup.

Only then will the client will see the final painting!

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