My Work With Mixed Mediums


I work with a lot of different mediums, spread our in containers and boxes. My studio isn't as organized as I would like it to be and I find I work mostly on the floor.  I seldom have room on my table.

My favorite medium apart from paint would have to be tissue paper. I love the transparencies when I overlay pieces together, I like the texture formed by the glue as it dries, these little wrinkles and tears are unpredictable and make for nice contrasts between the more flat areas in my work,


For me, drawing will always be an integral part of my work.

Keeping an art journal for me is vital. Over the years I have accumulated many journals and sketchbooks. I still refer back to my most early books to find little sketches that will be my next painting or art doll.

A lot of the time my drawings become part of the artwork, collaged into layers, glazed and waxed, scraped back, and waxed again.

Because I do a lot of scraping back I need a strong substrate, for this purpose I use a wood panel.


When it comes to paint brands, I give anything a go. The Mattise brand has been the one I have used for years, since art school, there seems to be a new colour range every year and more choice when it comes to flow and structure.

Golden Fluid is an excellent brand, all their products are amazing.

I don't dismiss some of the real, cheap, bargain-basement brands because they have less pigment they work well as a glaze.

Colour pencils

Gorgeous and waxy, Prisma coloured pencils are incredible, I would be lost without them.

The way they blend together and work with graphite is very special.

Gel Mediums

Coming soon!


The hunt to find what have I stashed away in jars and tins, or will I find that perfect, imperfect piece on my way home!

Rusty nails, timber, bottle caps, and all sorts of rusty throwaway gems find their way into my paintings.

The Enchanted Forest 2010

120cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 4cm (D)

mixed medium on wood