On my studio table today...trying out something new...mono printing, collaging, stencilling and...I think I will leave the ingredients at that, otherwise, I will be here all day!
I'll just say it was messy and good fun!
The Geli press is made of clear silicone and is very flexible. Paint can be applied directly onto the press and then using a brayer, you roll the paint out with a brayer or place the paper directly onto the gel press, and gently smooth out the paper with the palm of your hand.
Peel the paperback to see the results.
I made a stencil from copy paper, I wouldn't recommend using anything else as the geli press is very soft, anything heavier may cause the paper to cut the silicone. I know because I did the very first time!
Instead of using the cheap copy paper, I used tracing paper and just the slightest pressure causes the edges of the paper to cut into the silicone.

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