Wished I Hadn't Cried So Much 2019, soft sculpture, sold
Alice, Amongst The Flower Bed, sold
Alice Dreaming 2019, $1000.00
The Tweedles 2019, Large wall mounted art dolls, $1200
On A Golden Afternoon 2019, free hanging art dolls in a paper mache boat
Alice Down Under, mixed medium on canvas, sold
Alice. Through The Window 2019, assemblage art, vintage objects, sold
Goodnight Mariane 2019, soft sculpture dolls, shadow box. sold
Alice Down The Rabbit Hole 2019, mixed media on canvas, sold
The Seven Ravens 2019, mixed media on wood
Studel Peter. mixed media on wood
White Rabbit 2019, watercolour, sold

This exhibition brings together several series of works inspired by the stories read under that pear tree. The works include small tributes to the Australian artist Charles Blackman and Czechoslovakian stop motion animator Jan Švankmajer for their reinterpretation of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

When I first read Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland as a child, I was surprised to read that she thought she may land in Australia as she fell down the rabit hole. This notion has stayed with me throughout my creative years, and was my first inspiration to begin a series of paintings and art dolls as early as 1990.

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