Colour Day 13 & 14

Do you find the names of colours, suggestive?

I would have loved to have been a colour stylist or learned the alchemic magic of mixing paints and inventing the names of new colours.  I have an old Crayola crayon set and spent hours just reading the names of the colours and imagining where they came from, colours like periwinkle blue, madder lake, French grey and many more you think the names of colours can suggest an image or feeling to how you use the colour?

This latest colour challenge has made me ponder a lot about the choice of colours that I use in my painting. When I was just starting to paint I would pre-mix colours in small jars, I hardly use the colour straight from the tubes or pots. Generally, I used colours that I saw in the scene I wanted to paint it wasn't until I started to paint larger landscapes that I studied colour further, particularly green. I was always good at mixing and matching colours, I put down to endless hours of observation as a child looking at objects, collecting autumn leaves, feathers, looking for hours at my world around me. I used to watch my older brother paint and we would talk about colour and how it can trick the eye and change depending on the colour next to it.

Aqua and Turquoise

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