Works In Progress

Works In Progress

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I've decided to work on a small series of birds using my own printed collage papers and using subdued colours in grey-blue, muted pinks and ochre with contrasting darks and whites.,

These works are on high 310 gsm grade paper using acrylic paint and gel pens.


I always wanted to try this! I've always wanted to make large mounted dolls as artworks for the wall.

I wasn't sure what exactly, a few things roaming around n my head...but for a first go I was inspired by Modigliani's portraits, particularly what interested me was the shape of the body and how I can turn it into a soft sculpture.

My first attempt is, Woman Wearing A Yellow Jumper, based on Modigliani's portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne. Apart from the lovely colours he used in this painting I wanted to capture the curviness of the female form.

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