What Inspires Me?

Persuing a creative life has had its ups and downs. Most of my time is spent thinking what to make next, always questioning, always exploring and trying to grasp something that excites. It is mostly a gut instict, a feeling of nervous energy, you know you need to sketch it down or it will be lost in time. Some ideas have stayed with me for years, others I have forgotton and some I find on little bits of paper at the bottom of a box.
I've often been told that I was a dreamer, with my head in the clouds. Well, sometimes it is the better place to be, but I'm not dreaming, I'm thinking and observing. I try to find composition, colour, textures, foregrounds and backgrounds in the world around me.
Sounds really inspire me, so if there is a rooster crowing somewhere, it will inspire a mood and certain elements that I want to paint.
Like stepping stones, every new idea leads into another, the more you work the more ideas and stories form. Sometimes it is easy, other times it is a continuous exploration, re-working, scrapping off, starting again.

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