Open a new document, 2000px by 2000px

Open background image, drag and drop into new document, save document as “composite”. Duplicate background layer.(ctrl + J)

Erase parts of the background, keeping only the foreground.

Select a new fill layer _ black and white, gradient, set the blending mode to luminosity.

Copy and paste the sky layer, move below the background layer and select a new fill layer _ black and white, gradient, set the blending mode to luminosity.

Add a new layer style, ‘gradient overlay and change the settings. colour and blend mode to multiply.

Open Echidna and drag and drop into layer below gradient, above the background layer.

With the magnetic tool,  carefully trace around the echidna, click on the layer mask with a soft brush paint a shadow layer under the echidna, blur and change opacity.

Copy and paste house.jpg, and with the magnetic tool and carefully trace around the house, click on the layer mask, scale to fit to the background.

Open the tree.jpg, and make a copy, open and duplicate the blue channel and adjust the levels, select the sky and delete. copy the tree across to your project. Scale and adjust levels to suit background.

To make the lightning, make a black and white gradient add ‘render - cloud’ adjust the levels and invert.

Copy and paste two more lightning bolts, scale and ‘flip Horizontal’ to change their appearance to one another.

Use the scatter brush to add spots of light onto a separate layer, place inside a folder. Select the folder and change the blending mode to ‘colour dodge’.

Create another layer and using one of the splatter brushes paint highlights on the tree and house.

Open cumulus.jpg. remove the sky the same way as in the previous step, duplicating and adjusting the levels of the red channel.

Merge layers and use the smart sharpen before saving.




23 January 2015