Owners: Jeff and Betty Straun

A fictitious clothing label


BRIEF:STRAUDOG is a new online fashion label, designed for urban comfort and longevity. Our clothing apparel has a masculine feel, but that is not to say that it is exclusively for men. Our female range is best described as, for the "Tom Boy inside every girlie girl"

Tough and reliable, embodying the values of traditional handmade clothing.

SOLUTION: Jeff and Betty own a gorgeous dachshund called Olive, on meeting my clients it didn't take us long to make Olive the labels mascot and to brainstorm the business name to Straudog. The solution was to design a very clean, symmetrical, circular typographic logo. The simple linear symbol of a dogs face, represents trust, loyalty and all the other word associations you can think of for a dog. The design of the logo can easily be used for labels and tags as well as being a design on its own for T-shirts and other clothing apparel.


TOOLS: pencil, paper, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator





05 April 2016