Open a new document, 2000 x 2000px.

Open background.jpg and drag and drop into new document.

Save document as ‘OPEN’.

Make a copy of the background layer and change the blending mode to ‘Overlay’, ctrl-j.

Open path.jpg, and using the magnetic lasso, trace area of wall to use as a path, copy and past into your project.

Using the transform tool to Rotate + distort + perspective to fit to background.

Open large toadstool.jpg, and follow the previous steps to remove toadstool from background and ccale to fit.

Open toadstool top and using the lasso tool, cut out toadstool top, copy and paste into the layer behind the large toadstool. Transform to fit.

Open Door.jpg, using the polygonal lasso, cut out door, copy and paste , scale door to fit inside the stem of the toadstool.

Use the clone tool to add parts of the stem around the edges of the door.

Follow the same steps above for adding the window.

Create a new group folder, add a new layer inside the folder, create a white ellipse, the same shape as the underneath of toadstool. Blending mode to screen and opacity to 70%

add another layer and create a white rectangular shape to the size of the stem. Blending mode to ‘screen’ opacity to 60%.

Add another new layer between these two. adjust scatter, dynamic brush presets for a 9px brush, and with white paint trails running downwards from under the toadstool.

Select the group folder and change the blending mode to ‘Colour Dodge”`

Add a new layer between the path and toadstool layer and follow the above steps to create an ellipse of ‘light around the pathe and background.

Continue to open and cut out and paste smaller toadstools to background.

Open duck.jpg and cut and paste into path, scale to proportion.

Add a shadow layer under the duck, using  black and a soft brush + blur, change the opacity.

Add a new ‘fill layer + gradient’ Make sure lhis layer is at the very top. Select a gradient or make your own. change the style to radial and tick ‘reverse’

Set blending mode to ‘overlay’ and change opacity.

Merge and flatten layers, Smart sharpen and save!








23 January 2015



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